How many pupils are in a beginner group?
This depends on the instrument but most beginners will start tuition in a group of four pupils.  Instruments such as piano may start up in smaller groups.

How long is a group lesson?
A standard group lesson is 55 minutes long.

Will I need to provide an instrument for my child in group lessons?

No, we provide instruments for all group lessons, but you are welcome to use your own.

I would like my child to learn an instrument.  Where do i start?

You will need to book a trial lesson first. you can do this on here, or call 0800 689 3638.

How many instruments can I apply for?
You are welcome to apply for as many instruments as you wish.

The instrument my child wants to learn is not available at you centre.  Where else can he/she learn?
We also deliver private tuition on many instruments.Your child can apply for private tuition by filling in the Private Tuition application form

Do you accept debit/credit cards over the phone?
Unfortunately not.  We accept cash or payments by bank transfer (online banking).  Our account  can also be found on your invoice.

How can I communicate with my child’s instrumental/vocal teacher?
The best way to communicate with your child’s teacher on a weekly basis is via the red Practice Notebook.  Each week the teacher will write down what your child should be practising for the next lesson, and there is space at the bottom of each page for you to comment on how the week’s practice has gone, or to ask specific questions.

If you would like to discuss any matter in more detail with your child’s instrumental teacher please contact us and we will arrange for the teacher to call you.

How often will I receive a report on my child’s progress?
You should check your child’s red Practice Notebook (see previous question) each week for regular feedback on how your child is progressing. You will also receive a written report from your child’s teacher every six weeks.

What happens if the teacher is absent?
We expect our teachers to make the organisation aware of their absence through illness/unforseen circumstance by contacting us as early as possible on the day of absence. The school will try is best to get a supply teacher. Any lost lessons will be credited to the next statement.

My child missed a lesson as he/she was unwell.  Will this lesson be made up?
Unfortunately not, as we are only liable for instrumental lessons missed as a result of the absence of our teachers.

What should I do if I am unhappy with my child’s tuition?
Please contact us immediately so that we can address your concerns.