The guitar and ukulele are stringed instruments that are played by plucking and strumming.

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The ukulele is a traditional Hawaiian instrument based on other guitar-like instruments from Portugal. They come in four sizes: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone, with the 4-string soprano being the most commonly played.

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Interesting fact: they have also become popular within folk groups.

The classical guitar is played with the fingers plucking the strings and is usually used for playing solo repertoire. This is the instrument that most young beginners start on because the nylon strings are kinder to the left hand fingers.

The steel-string acoustic guitar has a larger body size with all steel strings. This produces a brassy sound which is popular for accompanying singers and other instruments. It is usually played with a plectrum (pick) and can also be played with the fingers. Players who study this instrument tend to concentrate on learning chords and popular songs.

The electric guitar grew out of a need for the guitar to be heard in a band setting. It was developed in the USA and was used as rhythm accompaniment in a jazz band. There are two distinct kinds of guitar: single coil pickup (Fender Stratocaster) produces a bright cutting sound (Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix), and the double coil pickup (Gibson) produces a smoother sustained sound (Slash, Santana).

Interesting fact: Players at primary school usually begin on the classical guitar and learn the proper techniques for playing solo guitar and reading music. Players at secondary school usually choose to play on the three instruments and study either grades or musical medals for classical guitar, or grades for electric guitar.