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The family of woodwind instruments consists of the flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe and bassoon. The instruments are blown to produce a sound and provide layers of colour to the Western orchestra.

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The flute is one of the most popular instruments and can play very high notes, producing sound by blowing across the hole in the mouth-piece.

Interesting fact: flautists are sometimes asked to play even higher notes which they play on the piccolo.



The clarinet is a very versatile, single reed instrument made out of wood. A reed is a thin strip of material placed on the mouthpiece that vibrates to make sound. We are offering Clarinet Lessons Bromley Croydon and Sutton Surrey London

Interesting fact: it is also known as the “little trumpet” and is played by celebrities like Julia Roberts, Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen.


The oboe has a very clear sound which is used to tune the orchestra and play prominent solos.

Interesting fact: the oboe is an Endangered Species instrument as it is not commonly played meaning oboists are often sought-after by orchestras and ensembles.


The saxophone is also a single reed instrument, but made out of brass. It is not taught in primary school as students mouths are often not developed enough to play them adequately. We recommend that any students not yet in secondary school who wishes to learn the saxophone begin learning the clarinet, as it uses the same techniques and allows for an easy transition.

Interesting fact: the family of saxophones are commonly found in popular music, big bands and jazz groups.


The bassoon is the bass of the woodwind family, forming the foundation for tuning the entire wind section.

Interesting fact: like the oboe the bassoon is a double reed Endangered Species instrument.